Welcome to the Quiet Bicycle Mechanic

English: Bike mechanic at a local bike shop
English: Bike mechanic at a local bike shop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maintaining a bicycle isn’t rocket science. Which is a good thing, because I would have regretted spending eight to ten years in school to learn how to fix a bike. This is what I love about bicycles. At its very core, it has not changed since its inception. Sure, there are disc brakes, electronic shifters, and all sorts of doodads, but the basic bike is still the same. Please note , being a bicycle mechanic is still a skilled job. There are skills beyond the scope of this blog that you can only pick up with experience.

I started wrenching in 1995. I was a bicycle neophyte back then. Like many people, I just rode the darn thing and paid someone to fix it. Mind you, I am not one of those people who would rather learn how to fix something than pay someone to fix it for me. I mean, I can fix some things on my car, but I’d rather not. I want to pay someone to fix my car for me. I learned how to fix bikes because I bought my first “local bike shop“, know as an LBS, bicycle and I ended up getting a job at the shop I bought it from.

Since then, it has been a non-stop learning experience. I didn’t alway work in a bicycle shop since that first fateful day, but I did find myself back in one in 2007. It rekindled my love for wrenching, and my experience has put me in a small precentage of working bike mechanics who know a lot of crap about old and new bikes.

That’s what this here blog is for. I want to pass my knowledge onto you, the curious, the mechanically inept (though there may be no hope for you, but I still like you), or the tinkerer. I am hoping that my experience will find its way into your brain where it will fester into knowledge. Knowledge of the bicycle.

And no, that is not a picture of me. Here’s a picture of me:

Racing CX and Spitting

Let’s ride!


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