SRAM’s NEW Model Year 2015 Hydraulic Road Brakes Technical Updates

Well, after the SRAMgate debacle that left the component manufacturer scrambling to send out mechanical disc brake sets everywhere, SRAM has released a video on the refinements of the hydraulic system. As a mechanic, I can only say “I told you so” because first generation, early adoption tends to end badly. Not all the time, but when it does, it usually ends in spectacular failure. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of hydraulic disc brakes on a drop bar bike. I’m a cyclocross nerd, I watch this technology with a certain amount of intensity. I also don’t like SRAM on my drop bar bikes. I also, yet again, don’t like to see bicycle companies, good bicycle companies, mess up. Attention bike snobs who vehemently express their opinions on bike parts/companies/grips/tires/chamois cream: get a life. These are inanimate objects and if someone likes to use them, piss off. I don’t like SRAM, but I also don’t belittle anyone who rides it.

Check the video. Looks like SRAM is making good on its promise to rectify what was a terrible situation. Good on you SRAM. Good on you.


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