What I Carry on My Bicycle Ride

Fair warning, I am a minimalist when it comes to carrying things on my bike. I stress on my bike, because I actually carry a bunch of crap in my jersey pockets. So bike-wise, on the trusty Litespeed L3, I have two bottle cages, and an under-the-seat pack. A small pack. I am no weight-weenie, but I don’t like to disrupt the beautiful lines of my bicycle with a seat pack that is the same size as carry on luggage. Sometimes lights will grace the Litespeed, which by the way, is named Christina. I name everything. I’mb weird like that.

Seat Pack

My Itty Bitty Seat Pack and its Contents

So the seat pack is small. By small, I mean the smallest that is manufactured. I can stuff my multi-tool, a tube, a tire lever, a CO2 cartridge, and the CO2 cartridge head. Not a lot. I can’t even cram my keys in there. As a side note, you don’t want anything sharp, or potentially sharp, in the same space as your tube, no matter how big the pack is. Think about it. The last thing you need is a pre-punctured tube on the ride that happens to sport a monsoon. Here’s a picture of said pack and its contents. Minimal, no?

Jersey Pockets

Here’s where my wife thinks I’m silly, but there is a reason that bicycle jerseys have pockets. It’s so items are easily accessible while riding. Things like nutrition, or non-nutrition, you can eat what you want. My phone also goes in there, my gloves go in there when I peel them off, as well as arm warmers. I also carry a mini-pump. A real miniature pump. It’s a backup in case I use the one CO2 cartridge in my pack. You never know. I also carry another multi-tool sometimes depending on the ride. It has a chain tool in addition to another tire lever. I’m a mechanic. I carry my tools around. I even carry an extra water bottle on longer rides. Spandex is quite elastic, you’ll be surprised at how much those pockets can carry.

Tip: I know it’s tempting to skimp out on buying an expensive jersey. My rule of thumb is cheap jerseys for the trainer, expensive jerseys for the ride. Expensive jerseys are made to fit better, made out of better material, and the pockets tend to sag less under load. Buy the expensive ones when they go on sale/clearance, unless you’re the type who wants the new new.

There you have it. What a crazy bike mechanic nut like me carries on a ride. What you carry is up to you, but you won’t believe how many people ask me what I carry. If anything, use this as a base to figure out what you need to carry on your ride.


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