Dealing with Weight Weenies

Carbon fiber is the material that makes weight weenies salivate all over the world. What is a weight weenie? Let’s ask Wiktionary!

weight weenie (plural weight weenies)
(slang) A cyclist that is concerned about the weight of his or her bicycle.

Concern is probably not the right word. I believe it is more like a grave concern about the weight of the bicycle. Wars have been fought for less.

If you ever get caught in a conversation with a weight weenie, be prepared to be assaulted with vast amounts of data pertaining to the weight of components. These weights will most often be in grams, with the speaker doing the conversion to imperial in their heads for laymen. They smell fear, stick with what you know. They will probably dismiss you and find someone who can corroborate the weights that they found online in a forum, such as Weight Weenies.

Image from Fairwheel Bikes

But today, I will give you a weapon. Carbon Fiber chainrings. Yes. Carbon Fiber Chainrings. Let that sink in for a moment. A company out of the United Kingdom, Fiber Lyte, makes all sorts of carbon fiber products, including ones for bicycles. But holy crap. The rings come in five different flavors, each one suited for a particular type of riding such as road, TT, and yes, mountain biking.

Now, I can’t imagine the mileage on these things could be very long, even on the cleanest drivetrains, but wow. The weight savings alone. If you get a chance, pick up some Dura Ace 9000 chain rings. They are crazy light, for metal. Imagine something lighter. These are quite insane. Not sure if I would buy and ride a set of these, but I would if someone gave them to me. I would love to run this on a 1 x 11 cyclocross setup just to see how light a CX bike can get.

Crap, I’ve been infected with the weight weenie bug. At least I’m not an aero weenie (That’s for another post).


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