Bring on 2015 and the new Raleigh Bicycles!

Raleigh Sports
Raleigh Sports (Photo credit: protorio)

I’ll have to admit, I’m a bit biased here. I own two Raleigh cyclocross bikes: the RX 1.0 and a Furley. Raleighs have always had a spot in my heart ever since I started working in a bicycle shop. I’m still on the lookout for a Raleigh English three-speed in good condition. Not sure if I’ll ever find it, but I always look.

I no longer work for a Raleigh dealer, and this makes me a bit sad. It makes me even sadder when my buddies, who still work in Raleigh shops started to tell me about the 2015s.

After the break, I will show you what I know.

Raleigh 2015

First up, Raleigh is bringing sexy back with steel bikes.

The Grand Prix returns as a 520 cromo breakaway frame. A breakaway frame. You now have no excuse to leave this beauty behind. As a bonus, it’s running Campagnolo Veloce! 

To add to the line, the Record Ace returns as the non-breakaway in 631 cromo, with Veloce as well. I really like the Record Ace. I may buy one anyway even though I don’t work at a Raleigh dealer.

The Grand Sport name returns as a 4130 cromo road machine with Shimano Claris. Coming in at an MSRP of $800, steel is back to being affordable.

Commuters rejoice! The Port Townsend has become even more commuter friendly with the mustache bars and famous 12 pack rack. In case you don’t know why the rack is called that, go on a beer run. Or pop if that is your vice.

Raleigh has a hit with the steel Tamland gravel bike. Not to be outclassed, they decided to make one in aluminum. Called the Willard, this adds a slightly quicker gravel bike to the line up. Color me jealous.

Ladies, don’t feel left out, Raleigh is bringing you some 27.5″ spec’d mountain bikes by the name of Ziva. Not sure what that name means, but I think it means “This girl just kicked your butt at mountain biking,” or something to that effect.

Last, but not least, well it’s the last bit of info I got not being a major media outlet; the Kodiak. A 27.5″ single pivot full suspension mountain bike that is going for $1000. It’s high time manufacturers bring back full suspension to the masses without making cheap department store style bicycles.

Well there you have it! You now know as much as I do. I love that Raleigh is making a comeback and they are going gang busters to win the love of riders everywhere. I think I’ll go hug my Raleighs.


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