One Wrench to Rule Them All? The Smart Wrench

Thanks to the powerful social media site that is Twitter, I was sent this video on the Smart Wrench. As a mechanic, I am typically wary of gimmicky tools that purport to “save time and money” because they usually end up costing more in both. However, one tool actually worked out previously, and that was the Metrinch. I don’t know if any of you remember the late night infomercials on that product, but it was gimmicky in presentation, but actually practical in use. It’s downfall was the crappy tool metal it used. Funny thing is that Craftsman made their own version with a varying degree of success. Maybe Sears needs to invest in infomercials hosted by washed up B-list actors.

Then comes the Smart Wrench from Allwrencher. Not sure what to think about this one yet. I might have to get my hands on one to play with it. The whole metric/standard compatibility isn’t a big deal as the majority of bikes are metric, but being able to use one wrench on multiple sizes would be nice since a mechanic wouldn’t have to fish through his pile of wrenches on the bench top. Check out the video.


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