Why Aero Speedplay Zero Cleats are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Speedplay X pedal

Speedplay X pedal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speedplay road pedals have a love/hate relationship with road riders. Some riders love them, some ridershate them. My affiliation falls into the love them category. More specifically, my knees love them. It’s not because of the tons of float, it’s because the float has no resistance. This allows my foot to rotate naturally as I pedal without stressing my knee. I’ll get into pedaling dynamics in a later post. This is about what I saw at Interbike. For myself and other riders that love Speedplay pedals, it’s something new and exciting. For those who hate Speedplays, there are other things on the internet to take up your time. Insert break here and read on.

The prevailing theme for road bikes the last several years is “aerodynamic.” Okay, an argument can be made for road disc brakes, but I already went there, and I don’t want to get up on that soapbox again. Not to be left behind, Speedplay decided to get in on the aerodynamics game. Speedplay road pedals already seem fairly aerodynamic due to their small size. The cleat is a bit squarish though.

Until now.

speedplay aero cleat

As you can see by my blurry picture, the cleat is surrounded by dimpled plastic to soften the blow to the air. With a regular Zero pedal, this should clean up the drag a bit. As a new product, which I did not get a picture of, there is a matching one-sided pedal for a complete aerodynamic package. As much as I want to keep you on this blog, you can do a search for the pedal and see much better pictures. Next time I go to Interbike, if there is a next time, I’ll remember to bring a better camera than my iPhone. Speedplay also introduced new cleat caps for this particular cleat that are small and circular, fitting into the cleat cavity. They also lock to each other for transport in your jersey pocket. Sadly, no pictures on that either. I was in the middle of something when I happened upon the Speedplay booth.

Speedplay owners rejoice, this new cleat is compatible with all Zeroes. I may drag my cleats a little more at stops now so I have a reason to replace them. As an added bonus, the plastic surround makes the cleats a bit less slippery as the metal plate isn’t in direct contact with bathroom tile.


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