ACE Electric Motorbikes Are as Fierce as RuPaul

Photo of a power-assisted bicycle with a front...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Electric bicycles are the unwanted stepchildren of the bicycle world. Recumbents are the disowned children in case you were ready to make an argument. While I don’t share these views, that’s the vibe you get in the majority of the local bike shops. Especially from the mechanics. We’ll get into my philosophy of bicycles later on.

For the record though, I am not a fan of electric bicycles.

Call me romantic, but bicycles were the epitome of human powered revolution. What you put into the bicycle came out as freedom to take you places. Food and drink where the only fuels you needed. No ties to a gasoline station, or care of an animal to take you around. The bicycle was independence. Electric bikes, they seem to take away some of that independence. Granted, there are some places where an electric bike is beneficial, especially when it comes to prolonging one’s ability to ride a bicycle. Think hills. Think San Francisco. Yet I still stand by the fact that the electric bike kills some of the romantic notions of cycling.

But I’ll make an exception, after the break.

Ace Electric Motorbikes

The majority of electric bicycles are pedal assist. In other words, the computerized brain senses when your pedaling slows down in addition to what gear you’re in and inclination, yadda yadda. It then applies power to the motor to help you maintain your speed. Most of them have throttles to apply power independent of pedaling. This can help when starting from a stop on a hill, or to get through an intersection quickly if the light changes.

Then there are a few that just have a throttle.

Electric bikes tend to look kind of weird too. Cobbled together with batteries, motors, and wires. There are a few coming out that are very good looking as batteries and motors become more integrated with the design of the bicycle. They have a tendency to look futuristic with their hard angles as opposed to smooth tubes.

Enter Ace Electric Motorbikes.

Ace Electric Motorbikes
Yes please. In the early 1900s, there was a motorsport called board track racing. Think stripped down motorcycles on velodrome, but slightly bigger. The Ace Electric Motorbikes channel those motorcycles in an electric version. Sure, there are pedals, but that’s so it remains a bicycle with an electric motor. Probably gets you out of registering it as a vehicle.

These are total custom jobs. The two page website gives you a quick rundown of the bikes, and an order form. You can email them to get more info, but how much more do you need after looking at the pictures? Two motors, one gets you to 26 mph, and the other to 34 mph.

Seriously, if I were to get an electric vehicle of any sort, it would be this one.

The pricing is reasonable, considering what you are getting. It ain’t cheap, but I think it’s worth it to own this electric beast. Sure, you could get the latest carbon fiber, aerodynamic, doohickey bicycle, but it’s not going to take you to 34 miles per hour in style, or at the twist of a throttle.

Made in the U.S.A., Matawan, New Jersey. Them Jersey boys is crazy.

Here’s another photo of one from Interbike 2014. Oh baby.

ACE Motorbike at Interbike 2014


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