Why Mom Was Right About XTR

English: Silhouette of a mountain biker jumpin...

English: Silhouette of a mountain biker jumping. Rider: Lee Collis, Location: Rothbury, Northumberland, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, mom would have been right about XTR if she was a mountain biker. Regardless of which component manufacturer you ride, Shimano‘s flagship MTB group brings about feelings of envy, dread, pride, and hate. But it works. When set up correctly, it works really well. Then Shimano drops an update.

Now Shimano updates tend to fall into two categories: It’s about freaking time; and Why do we need that? This update falls in between for me. Only because XTR was due to be upgraded because of the stellar upgrades the road groups received, but I’m still on the fence about 11 speed off-road drivetrains.

Either way, let’s dive into this fracas after the break.

Pretty huh?

Some highlights of the new group:

  • 11-40 cassette. 40T on that granny cog. Why? For the option of running 1 x 11 of course.
  • The cassette uses the “rhythm step” profile which lessens the shock of a gear change.
  • New chain with SIL-TEC treatment and asymmetrical plates.
  • Race and trail specific crank arms and can be configured for 1, 2, or 3 chainrings.
  • All-new carbon laminate wheelset
  • Race and trail specific calipers with varying degrees of heat control depending on the application.
  • Shift effort has been reduced 20% by using the same style of cables an housing as the Dura Ace group.
  • New side-swing front derailleur, giving more tire clearance and better shifting performance.
  • Refined Shadow clutch rear derailleur with a simpler clutch adjustment and wider range of adjustment.

You can read the complete press release here.

So there you have it. Read Shimano’s release to get more information. Shimano’s top tier groups never fail to be the best they can be an I am trying to figure out what organs I can live without to get a bicycle with this group.

And call your mom. She’s always right.


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