Non-Bike Monday Post: I Love Me Some Lego

It’s Monday. I love bicycles. In fact, it is argued that I eat, sleep, and breathe bicycles. That’s untrue for eating and breathing because of my food sensitivities and asthma. In celebration of the start of another glorious workweek, we’re going Non-Bike Monday! Today it’s Lego! I love me some Lego.

This particular model is a freakishly accurate Land Rover Discovery from Flickr member Andrej Kuzmin. There are other models on his feed as well, but this one caught my eye as it has a motorcycle parked on the bumper. Head on over to the feed to check out the rest of his amazing work!

The Land Rover:





3 thoughts on “Non-Bike Monday Post: I Love Me Some Lego

  1. Lego is awesome…. and it is nice to take some time away from bikes (but not too much time). I spent some time at the bike store this weekend, getting ready to dump a lot of change (for me, but probably chump change for some people) on a bike.


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