How the Cincy3 CX Festival Can Help You Survive a Filibuster

Jonathan Page at the 2006 Cyclocross National ...

Jonathan Page at the 2006 Cyclocross National Championships on his way to 2nd – 20061216, by David Chiu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Filibusters have done nothing but slow the already slow process of democracy to a crawl. Would you rather watch CSPAN, or get muddy? I vote on GET MUDDY. Hop on that cyclocross bike and ride away from the droning noise that is a politician.

This is a reminder that this weekend is the Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival. Three, count them THREE days of cyclocross madness! To top it all off, the Pan-American Continental Championships will be held on the final day! These are UCI races so you will see pros racing all three days. It’s awesome to watch how fast these riders go when they’re paid to ride a bike.

Friday, October 31st is at Harbin Park. Saturday, November 1st is at Kings CX, and Sunday, November 2nd is at Devou Park. Clicking on the venues will open up Google Maps in a new window.

So dress warmly, dust off those cowbells (if you’ve been slacking and not attending any sporting events), and bring a cooler full of beer handups because it’s going to be a good time!

Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival


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