Tool Review: The Birzman Damselfly

Birzman wants you to be boundless. At first, this may not make sense coming from a bicycle tool company. Then you lay eyes on the Birzman Damselfly, and it a light bulb lights up. This is no ordinary chain tool, at least in the conventional sense when it comes to greasy, nicked, and worn bicycle tools. The Damselfly is an exercise in form and function, blended together artfully by the mad scientists at Birzman into a tool that not only looks good, but also works well.

I just ruined the surprise for this review.

First, some images:

It does function quite well as a chain tool. The Damselfly is smaller than most “pro” chain tools shop mechanics are used to. I don’t think this tool was meant for day-in day-out operations, but for a home mechanic, it does just fine. I use quick links on all my chains, so I only use this when sizing a chain. Don’t you worry your little Brooklyn cycling capped head, Birzman does make some more robust chain tools for the sadistic shop wrench. This particular chain tool is for 9 and 10 speed chains.

The design is the most obvious feature: Glistening, polished aluminum, and angular lines. It forces you to keep it clean, then sends you into a near nervous breakdown on how to store it. Remember? Clean tools are happy tools. If the ethereal, polished aluminum makes you nervous, Birzman makes an anodized black version. Philistine.

As you can see, its handle makes for a handy tripod set up to where this could probably fit right into a curio cabinet. Word of caution: Your wife might kill you for placing it too close to her Precious Moments figurines.

To sum it up, you could go with the tried and true chain breakers from other companies that stay comfortably within the bounds of bike tool convention. But I dare you, and Birzman dares you, to be boundless.


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