Pugsley in the Mist

Riding the Pugsley and Loving It

I’ve written about my neck problems preventing me from riding any of my drop bar bikes. As depressing as it is, it has me returning to my first love: mountain biking. Though the miles on pavement are piling up faster than the miles on dirt, I did get out into the woods a couple of times in as many weeks. The memories came back, and I remembered why I started bicycling in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I like riding on the road, but I love not having to deal with aggressive motorists who are inconsiderate of another human being because they think they are more important. Riding in the woods, whether with friends, or solo, brings me closer to the euphoria of being on two wheels.

This isn’t a dirt picture, but it is a picture of the Pugsley on a commute.

Pugsley Overlooking 315



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