I’ve been wrenching on bicycles in some capacity since 1995. Nineteen-freakin’-ninety-five. That doesn’t quite get me into the senior curmudgeon bike mechanic status. I’m flirting with it though. Out of all those years, I’ve spent a little over a decade in a bicycle shop. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and there is still a lot to learnWelcome to the Quiet Bicycle Mechanic.

During that time I’ve wrenched professionally, I have taught many classes ranging from basic bicycle maintenance to full teardowns. I might get to that point on this blog, but for now, we’re taking baby steps. I don’t have a vast vault of articles ready to just post here, though I do try to get one or two done a week ahead of time. If you’re the type who likes to jump ahead, this blog isn’t for you. Well at least until about a year or two from now when the archive fills up.

Don’t let your bike control you. That’s bike handling 101, but it also applies to working on your bike. Don’t let it scare you. Just don’t break anything. Wrenching on your bike isn’t rocket science. Thank God, because that would suck to have to get a doctorate just to work in a bike shop. If you’re afraid of doing something to your bike, don’t do it. Replacing a broken part is often way more expensive than fixing something that’s out of whack. Before you go off about how expensive it is to repair a bike, just remember that more often than not, that grease monkey behind the counter of your local bike shop knows more about the inner workings of your bicycle than you do. He is in fact, a skilled worker. Just because he doesn’t have a fancy piece of paper hanging on the wall proclaiming that, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he is doing. Also, make sure the grease monkey you hand your bike off to does know what he’s doing. Some don’t. Really.

Let’s dive into bikes. Enjoy your journey.


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