All Anyone Wants is to be Comfortable But Fast on Their Bicycle

Will this stem be the answer to what riders want? When I first saw this, I immediately had flashbacks to the Girvin Flexstem Girvin Flexstemback in the 90s. That stem had an elastomer bumper to provide bump dampening (but no ability to control rebound). This stem, from Sta-Fast, is an air shock that is adjustable. The idea is that the rider would be comfortable without the expense and weight of a suspension fork. All anyone wants is to be comfortable but fast on their bicycle.

Check out the video from Sta-Fast to get the low down on the new stem that seems to improve on the old bumper stem. It looks like they offer a stem for road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. Time will tell if this is something worth putting on a bike.


Kickstarter Bicycle Stuff: the Pedi-Scope

I came across this in my Facebook feed. Feel free to roll your eyes, I am slowly weaning myself from using the FB as a news source. It is called the Pedi-Scope. From what I read on the Kickstarter page, this device will help relieve the upper neck and back pain often associated with bicycling. The pain is caused by having to hold one’s head up in order to see ahead.

Unbeknownst to me, this is a real concern for ultra-endurance cyclists. It can lead to a condition known as Shermer’s Neck in which the neck muscles fatigue to the point that the rider can no longer hold his or head up. This in turn leads to contraptions like this:


The Pedi-Scope utilizes a prism in order to redirect the view of the rider. As you can see in the video, the prism shows what’s ahead. My only concern, especially in an urban setting, is the smaller field of view as compared to actually having your head up and scanning the road ahead. Though I believe that this product is meant for short-term relief and not full-time/head down/never looking up riding. It will be interesting to see where this goes

And he’s from Brooklyn, New York, my birthplace yo.


SRAM GX 11 speed cassette

It’s Been Far Too Long and Here is a Post About SRAM GX, Woot!

Have you ever had the best of intentions in returning, but get waylaid by life? Yeah, that happened to me during the time between the last post and this one. As some of you may know, I returned to bike voodoo wrenching full time, so I have been a little busy. But here we go, a new post, about SRAM GX, woot!

I’m not a component fan boy. I like all the shifting systems out there, even MicroShift (that’s another post). I do have my preferences though. On the road bike, I prefer Shimano. Off-road, I prefer SRAM, though the SRAM group on my CX bike has been frustrating me over the years. Not that it’s a bad setup, but I have a hard time feeling the shift when my heart rate is maxed out and I have tunnel vision going. Also, those anodized shift paddles get pretty slick when dusty, a common complaint among riders I know who use them. (I like fingerless gloves when racing in warmer weather, but that may change if I stick with SRAM)

Let’s check out the latest after the break.

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