All Anyone Wants is to be Comfortable But Fast on Their Bicycle

Will this stem be the answer to what riders want? When I first saw this, I immediately had flashbacks to the Girvin Flexstem Girvin Flexstemback in the 90s. That stem had an elastomer bumper to provide bump dampening (but no ability to control rebound). This stem, from Sta-Fast, is an air shock that is adjustable. The idea is that the rider would be comfortable without the expense and weight of a suspension fork. All anyone wants is to be comfortable but fast on their bicycle.

Check out the video from Sta-Fast to get the low down on the new stem that seems to improve on the old bumper stem. It looks like they offer a stem for road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. Time will tell if this is something worth putting on a bike.


What Do Mountain Bikes, Singletrack, and Ethiopia Have in Common? Tracey Croke

This video from “Sydney based journalist, travel writer, photographer and adventurist specialising in stories about roughty-toughty travel, offtrack adventure and anything involving a bike” Tracey Croke exemplifies everything I love about mountain biking. The ability to go places that most vehicles can’t go, experiencing nature up close, and seeing places from a point of view other than Instagramming tourist. Check out the video of her expedition in Ethiopia, riding mountain bikes on sweet singletrack, as well as her site to see her other adventures.

Ride with Katie F’in Compton in Belgium

How the pros train and ride. Watch Trek Cyclocross Collective rider Katie Compton romp across the Belgium countryside in this POV video. Don’t worry, sections of the video are sped up, but she is still way faster than you or I.