The Big News for the Bicycle Ninja

Not sure if anyone has been waiting with bated breath, but there is some big news for myself, the Bicycle Ninja. I started this blog when I left working in a bike shop full time. The job I was working didn’t allow me to volunteer at the local co-op, teaching people about bikes. This blog was an attempt to fill that hole in my life. Oh yeah, the news!

I’m back in the bike shop full time! Woot! As you can see, it is big news for me. I missed working in the shop. I worked at a small shop eight to 14 hours a week, but to be the wrench in the trench is nice. I also get to race as I am a self-described cyclocross nerd. I didn’t get to race a lot last season and was in a deep blue funk about it.

I’ll be slinging wrenches for roll: on Main in Bexley, OH. I started with roll: around 2007 and was there for about three years before going to another bike shop full-time. I’m back, refreshed, and ready to go.

That’s the news and I’m sticking to it.


After an Extended Hiatus, Big News for the QBN

The winter tends to be a slow bike time for me. Not much goes on other than overhauling the steeds and dreaming over new rides for the upcoming year. After this extended hiatus, I have some big new. The catch: You’ll have to wait for the announcement.

Some people know already, but I am waiting to release it to the world at large. Though most won’t care. Until then, I have some posts in the works, in between me getting back on the bike.

Here’s a video to tide you over.

I Apologize About the Extended Hiatus

Usually, around winter, I take a break from cycling. I mean everything cycling, other than news. This is a late apology about the lack of posts. Things have been quite busy with the addition of a baby, updating my web coding skills, and work. Fret not, I will be back to posting sometime in January.

Until then, enjoy the video!