SRAM GX 11 speed cassette

It’s Been Far Too Long and Here is a Post About SRAM GX, Woot!

Have you ever had the best of intentions in returning, but get waylaid by life? Yeah, that happened to me during the time between the last post and this one. As some of you may know, I returned to bike voodoo wrenching full time, so I have been a little busy. But here we go, a new post, about SRAM GX, woot!

I’m not a component fan boy. I like all the shifting systems out there, even MicroShift (that’s another post). I do have my preferences though. On the road bike, I prefer Shimano. Off-road, I prefer SRAM, though the SRAM group on my CX bike has been frustrating me over the years. Not that it’s a bad setup, but I have a hard time feeling the shift when my heart rate is maxed out and I have tunnel vision going. Also, those anodized shift paddles get pretty slick when dusty, a common complaint among riders I know who use them. (I like fingerless gloves when racing in warmer weather, but that may change if I stick with SRAM)

Let’s check out the latest after the break.

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Why Mom Was Right About XTR

English: Silhouette of a mountain biker jumpin...

English: Silhouette of a mountain biker jumping. Rider: Lee Collis, Location: Rothbury, Northumberland, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, mom would have been right about XTR if she was a mountain biker. Regardless of which component manufacturer you ride, Shimano‘s flagship MTB group brings about feelings of envy, dread, pride, and hate. But it works. When set up correctly, it works really well. Then Shimano drops an update.

Now Shimano updates tend to fall into two categories: It’s about freaking time; and Why do we need that? This update falls in between for me. Only because XTR was due to be upgraded because of the stellar upgrades the road groups received, but I’m still on the fence about 11 speed off-road drivetrains.

Either way, let’s dive into this fracas after the break.

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Why Aero Speedplay Zero Cleats are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

Speedplay X pedal

Speedplay X pedal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speedplay road pedals have a love/hate relationship with road riders. Some riders love them, some ridershate them. My affiliation falls into the love them category. More specifically, my knees love them. It’s not because of the tons of float, it’s because the float has no resistance. This allows my foot to rotate naturally as I pedal without stressing my knee. I’ll get into pedaling dynamics in a later post. This is about what I saw at Interbike. For myself and other riders that love Speedplay pedals, it’s something new and exciting. For those who hate Speedplays, there are other things on the internet to take up your time. Insert break here and read on.

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