Why Interbike is Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift

Interbike Demo Days

Interbike Demo Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interbike. Anyone who has worked in the bike industry for any amount of time has heard of Interbike. For the uninformed, Interbike is a convention of companies in the bike industry. A trade show. Anything and everything bike-related converges here for three days. Five days if you count the two-day outdoor demo that allows you to ride bikes you probably won’t ever buy.

Interbike has gotten pretty big in recent years, losing some major bike manufacturers to a separate convention, but the bulk of the industry is still here. You can find everything from hubs, headsets, to crazy wireless communication devices. If someone made something bike-related, they will probably try to sell it to you here.

Past years have restricted attendance to industry members, retail, etc. They just now opened the last day to anyone, which from what I hear, makes for a packed building.

I will be attending Interbike this year, finally, after being around bikes for the better part of 19 years. So stay tuned for some reports from the debauchery of Las Vegas and bicycle porn.

Oh, and here’s Taylor Swift in case you are scared more of her instead of being surrounded by bike nerds.

Change (Taylor Swift song)

Change (Taylor Swift song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)