Non-Bike Monday Post: OK Go and Honda Collaborate and Glisten

Whether you’re a fan of OK Go or not, their videos have been nothing short of inventive. One take, and brilliantly creative, OK Go and Honda collaborate to make a video that in my opinion, tops their previous works. My favorite remains the Needing/Getting video collaboration with Chevrolet though. Watch the video below and if you don’t like the music, mute it as near the end, the video is pretty darn cool.


Non-Bike Monday Post: I Love Me Some Lego

It’s Monday. I love bicycles. In fact, it is argued that I eat, sleep, and breathe bicycles. That’s untrue for eating and breathing because of my food sensitivities and asthma. In celebration of the start of another glorious workweek, we’re going Non-Bike Monday! Today it’s Lego! I love me some Lego.

This particular model is a freakishly accurate Land Rover Discovery from Flickr member Andrej Kuzmin. There are other models on his feed as well, but this one caught my eye as it has a motorcycle parked on the bumper. Head on over to the feed to check out the rest of his amazing work!

The Land Rover:





Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

Okay, I know this isn’t bicycle related. Or is it? I love bicycles, but I value my privacy as well. I will post these from time to time only because Internet privacy is a big thing to me. In fact, I really need to post a privacy policy of  some sort on this site as soon as I find one that is applicable and relevant. Just be assured that if you happen to subscribe to my blog, I am not going to sell your email address to some huge conglomerate of a data mining company. That’s too much work.

I know a bunch of you use Facebook. It’s convenient. It’s cute. All those cat videos! I am not telling you to delete your Facebook account, but this video will at least get you thinking about its relevancy in your life. While you’re at it, visit Reset the Net. If you watch this video on YouTube, there is a link to it as well.

Take back your privacy.