Get Noticed with Smart LED Jackets and Backpack from Lumenus

The ongoing miniaturization of electronics is making bike safety brighter
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10 Reasons Fall Bicycle Riding is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

Riding a bicycle in the Fall (or Autumn to some) is probably one of the best, if not the best, time to ride. Disagree? Well, let me give you 10 reasons Fall bicycle riding is sweeter than Christmas morning. Yes, it truly is. In no particular order of course.

  1. It’s not so freaking hot! Really. If you live in Ohio, summers can be sweltering. Ask my quads about how they like to lock up in intersections forcing me to stutter pedal just so I can fall down in the grass.
  2. The changing of the colors of the leaves. It’s cliche, I know. Countless calendars have been made on the subject. Children have destroyed hours of hard labor by parents trying to tidy up the yard. But it’s amazing to look at.
  3. Pumpkin spice foods and beverages. This is more of a personal thing, but I look forward to having pumpkin in everything. Makes the post-ride nosh kinda one flavor only.
  4. Cyclocross. Crossin’ bikes, enough said.
  5. Slower pace. At least for most. Racing season is mostly over (except for us crazy ‘cross kids), so it’s time to relax. Enjoy that ride and turn off or remove that Garmin!
  6. Kids are in school. You can go ride while their minds are filled with knowledge.
  7. Bike sales. A lot of shops are getting the new models, so some have sales this time of year. Just don’t tell the significant other how much you paid. Leave no paper trail.
  8. Halloween. There is nothing more fun than dressing up in a costume and riding a bike. Check out the local ‘cross race, or start your own ride. Plus, you need to burn off all that sugar anyway.
  9. Gravel grinding. For some reason, this is seen as a Fall thing. Not sure why. But it’s another excuse to get another bike.
  10. It’s fun! I mean, it’s riding a bike. Duh.