Darn Tough Socks are Sweeter than Christmas Morning

Few things are guaranteed for life. Taxes are about the only thing I can think of. That is until I darn tough sockshappened upon a booth displaying a multitude of colorful socks along the back. To be honest, the mass of socks are what attracted me. The company was called Darn Tough Socks. I met Hans, the Midwest account manager who gave me the spiel. The socks were merino wool. If you have never worn merino wool, you’re in for a treat. It’s not itchy like the wool sweater your Aunt Mary got you for Christmas. You know, the bright red one with the white collar and reindeer on it? Score. I love merino wool socks. The color patterns looked nearly limitless. They also made socks for Navy SEALS. Bonus. What he said next grabbed my attention near instantly:

Guaranteed for Life.

My traveling partner asked if that covered wear. Hans said yes without hesitation. If I wore a hole in the sock or socks, I could contact them, send a picture, and ship them the socks (on their dime no less), and receive replacement socks. No charge. So we asked if we could buy a pair of these magical socks that fell from heaven. Hans replied, I’ll give you a pair, what’s your size.

I’m dumbfounded at this point as I am handed a pair of socks.

Which now starts my first long term review. I will take these socks and wear them normally within the rotation of my other socks. I’m pretty hard on my socks as my other merino wool socks will attest. The socks are run/bike socks which will allow me to test them in my short runs as well.

If I’ve piqued your interest, you can go check them out for yourself at darntough.com.¬†And by the way, they’re made in Vermont.